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Creditors’ Rights

Ohio and Kentucky Creditors’ Attorneys Assert Your Rights

Effective remedies in cases of unpaid debts

Credit is the lifeblood of the American economy, so when credit dries up because debtors have not met his or her obligations, the entire nation suffers. Mason, Schilling & Mason Co., LPA knows that as a lending institution, you need to lend. But then when payments are not forthcoming, you lose money on the bad loans and cannot make good loans. Recovering your money is crucial to your continued operation.

The knowledgeable attorneys at MSM have more than 100 years of combined experience in creditors’ rights issues such as collections, enforcement and defense of collection practices. Their clients, which include some of the nation’s largest companies and financial institutions, benefit from legal services that are:

  • Results driven — MSM measures its success on recovering for its clients.
  • Client centered — MSM’s work ethic is unquestioned, and MSM goes the extra step to satisfy our clients.
  • Focused — MSM’s singular area of practice is representing creditors. The firm limits its clientele to ensure that each client receives a level of personal attention unmatched by larger collection firms.

Individualized strategies for enforcing your rights as a creditor

How you proceed against a debtor depends on many factors:  the nature of your lending institution, whether the debt is secured or unsecured, and the type of debt involved. MSM offers individualized service. They also research your debtor to determine if positive engagement can lead to a creative, mutually beneficial solution. Should negotiations reach an impasse, MSM’s litigation team can seek a range of remedies to enforce payment of monies owed.

Court enforcement: declarations in favor of judgment-creditors

With a clear and compelling presentation from MSM, the court may grant your entity a judgment, declaring that you, as a creditor, have the legal right to proceed with:

  • A wage garnishment — The debtor’s employer deducts wages from the debtor’s take home pay
  • A levy on the debtor’s bank accounts — In cases which the debtor has assets to pay a part or the whole of the debt, you may be entitled to attach an account
  • A lien on the debtor’s property — MSM can place an encumbrance on real property
  • Writs of execution — Court orders sheriff to take possession of money or property

As a “judgment-creditor,” you may have a legal priority over the earnings and assets of the debtor, improving your chances that the debtor will settle accounts. It also may place you in a stronger position should your debtor file for bankruptcy.

Contact MSM to assert your rights as a creditor.

You have a range of legal options to protect your rights as a creditor. Call 513-489-0829 or contact the Cincinnati office online.

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