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Experienced Ohio and Kentucky Foreclosure Attorneys Fight for Lenders’ Rights

Cost-effective actions to reclaim possession of real property

For almost 40 years, MSM has represented lending institutions in mortgage negotiations and foreclosure proceedings.

MSM attorneys understand your need to settle accounts with delinquent borrowers without damaging your image with prospective clients. They effectively balance these competing interests as they act to ensure your optimal results. Potential solutions short of foreclosure include:

  • Loan modification — If a home has dropped in value below the amount outstanding on the mortgage, the homeowner may be eligible for a modification. MSM represents lender interests in negotiations for modifications.
  • Short sale — An “underwater” homeowner may sell the home for less than he owes, if that amount is close to what the lender could hope to recover through foreclosure
  • Deed in lieu of foreclosure — The homeowner hands over his deed to the lender in exchange for a loan cancellation
  • Forbearance Agreements — A special agreement between the lender and borrower to avoid/delay a judicial proceeding.

Contact MSM today to discuss enforcing personal guarantee or lien interest

Foreclosure is an extreme step, and you should only pursue it after you’ve exhausted your other options. Although defaulted loans are always problematic, adding distressed property to your company’s books will not necessarily improve your bottom line. Call MSM at 513-489-0829 or contact the Cincinnati office online.

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