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Equipment Leasing

Knowledgeable Creditors’ Attorneys Assert Equipment Lessors’ Rights

Legal remedies for defaults on equipment leases

As part of their overall creditors’ rights law practice, Mason, Schilling & Mason Co., LPA assists lessors of equipment in lease negotiations and disputes. For almost 40 years, MSM has helped equipment lessors in Ohio and Kentucky to secure favorable terms, solve disagreements and enforce contractual obligations. Their experience in state and federal court delivers a distinct advantage for clients facing financial hardships from defaulted leases. MSM delivers reliable, cost-effective solutions in leasing conflicts, including:

  • Collections — Obtaining delinquent payments from equipment lessees
  • Creditor judgments — Securing state court rulings validating amounts due
  • Lease enforcement — Negotiated and litigated solutions to unpaid debt
  • Lien priorities — Assistance for equipment lessors in gaining priority for repayment
  • Replevin — Repossession of leased equipment and recovery of collateral from defaulting lessees
  • Workout negotiations — Modifications of lease agreements that preserve the lessor/lessee relationship

Salvaging your profits in Ohio and Kentucky equipment lease deals

Tying up your equipment in a failing enterprise can be ruinous to your business. MSM intervenes to ensure your company receives every advantage under the terms of your agreement given the circumstances of your lessee. When a viable workout agreement is possible, MSM can negotiate terms that preserve value to your contract. However, MSM’s knowledgeable business lawyers can accurately assess when it’s time to institute litigation. MSM attorneys can seek the return of your equipment and initiate action to collect on any deficiency of payment.

Contact the knowledgeable equipment leasing lawyers who can protect your right to payment

Mason, Schilling & Mason is determined to deliver the maximum value of your equipment contract through firm negotiations or litigation. Call 513-489-0829 or contact the firm’s Cincinnati office online today.

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